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Incident Management Practices with Jira Service Management

Every Minute Counts

When an incident occurs, collaboration between Development and Operations is a critical problem. Solution: bring all service teams together on the same platform.

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When you’re impacted by an incident, every minute is money bleeding from your organization. A massive 98% of organizations would have costs in excess of over $100,000 from a single hour of downtime.

Being able to respond quickly and limit the impact of an incident comes down to the quality of your incident management solution.

One In Four Enterprises Lack Full Visibility Across Their IT Infrastructure

Whether your organization works remotely or has returned to the office, having full visibility into the IT environment is critical for incident management. To enhance your ability to do so, embracing AI and automation, and building better systems so those resources work in collaborative sync with human staff, is more important than ever.

Atlassian recently completed its third annual report, State Of Incident Management 2023 — a survey of more than 500 software developers, IT professionals and decision makers.

The highlights are illuminating:
How your tools and processes measure up to the current state of incident management.
Pain points and areas for improvement for incident managers.
The role of automation and AI within incident management processes.
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Seeing is believing: Access our webinar on demand

See how others have grappled with the challenge of incident management in increasingly complex environments. Tune into this webinar on The State of Incident Management Today, featuring Andrew Ketchum, Incident Manager at Nextiva, and Kate Clavet, Sr. Technical Product Marketing Manager at Atlassian, to learn more about common pain points and improving your incident management practices.

What You’ll Discover:
Nextiva’s approach to incident management
How to overcome common pain points and improve your incident management practices
How AI could change the way teams do incident management
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Guide: Placing Jira Service Management At The Core Of Incident Management

When an incident occurs, collaboration between Development and Operations is especially critical. Download our Guide To Collaborative Incident Management with Jira Service Management to learn more.  

Only Jira Service Management puts all service teams together on the same platform, accelerating the flow of work between Development and Operations while empowering teams across the enterprise to adopt a service-oriented mindset and deliver exceptional experiences for employees and customers.

With Jira Service Management supporting incident response, organizations have the ability to:
Restore service rapidly – because in our always-on world, every minute counts with incident response.
Increase visibility and pace of work between Development and IT Operations teams.
Practice people-centric incident management for continuous improvement.
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