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How to Migrate your Atlassian Apps to Cloud

Migrating your Atlassian applications from self-managed environments to cloud creates a lot of questions

We have answers.

Enterprises are moving away from self-managed deployments to cloud-hosted Atlassian applications.
Whether you’re migrating all of your users to cloud in phases, or retaining some users on a self-managed deployment, you may need to run both Atlassian Cloud solutions as well as Server or Data Center ones in parallel for some period of time.

In either case, maintaining self-managed & cloud instances create a lot of questions for the enterprise, including:
In what order do I migrate my users?
How do I ensure that my server and cloud instances communicate effectively?
How do I ensure my apps still function?
How do I maintain complete data security?
The answers to these questions look different for each enterprise. They depend on multiple factors such as:
The number of users in your organization
The number of apps in use
The complexity of your data
Your specific data compliance needs

However, there are a few tried-and-true strategies for migrations.

No journey to cloud is one size fits all. And for most organizations, the process as a whole could take 6-24 months, leaving your teams to work across both self-managed and cloud environments longer than expected.

Most organizations have never needed to create and navigate a hybrid IT model before. Answering these questions can be challenging, and the stakes are very high.

That’s why Atlassian highly recommends customers work with an Atlassian Solution Partner - like us - for any cloud migrations with thousands of users to create a future-proof strategy.

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Our team has worked with many enterprise-level organizations to help create a holistic cloud migration strategy and determine if a temporary or long-term hybrid IT model is right for your organization.
We’ll work with your team to craft a custom plan based upon:
The number of products in your organization
The specific third party apps in use
The number of users within each product
Your specific data compliance needs
As a certified Atlassian Solution Partner, we know Atlassian products, marketplace apps, and deployment solutions better than anyone. As these tools rapidly evolve, we have the most up-to-date knowledge on how to work with the products’ strengths and weaknesses to achieve the results your organization is looking for with minimal disruption to your business.
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About Blue Ridge Consultants

Blue Ridge Consultants is an Atlassian Solution Partner offering expert advice regarding Atlassian products. We have experience consulting in industries such as the US federal government, the US military, biotech, banking, software development and many others.